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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

for the worse-blood,guts,going nuts

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this is a thrash hardcore punk band.very high thrashy lead vocals with deeper backups. this is a group of skinheads.his band is from boston.

check this crazy shit out right the fuck now

1. Blood, Guts, Going Nuts
2. Empty Threats
3. Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Speak Nothing
4. The Day Music Died
5. #2
6. Shove It Up Your Ass
7. The Blame Game
8. Square Peg Round Hole
9. We`re All Going To Die
10. Burbs Part 3
11. When We Were Skins
12. Busted Wide Open
13. My Fist Your Face
14. Religion Superstition
15. When The Shit Hits The Fans
16. Losing The Battle To Self Abuse
17. Road Rage
18. Don`t Waste Our Time
19. Sweet 16vBattle Royale
20. Morrissey Sucks & So Do You
21. Blah Blah Blah
22. Boston Not L.A.


no apologies-survival

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ausralian fuckin hardcore

a local band from australia. heavyer but yet so good. this reminds me of municipal waste but everything is a little deeper. very good. i would recommened this to eveyone one who likes municipal waste.

8.Dying To Live
10.Cant Wont
11.No One


Sunday, February 3, 2008

reagan youth-youth anthems for the new order

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Though known for their use of Ku Klux Klan and Nazi Party imagery, Reagan Youth were a very anti-fascist/racist band, playing with such black bands as Bad Brains. The band expressed its political views through irony, using images from the two hate groups for their album/CD covers. Their intention was to draw the audience's attention to the perceived parallels between the policies of Ronald Reagan and the Religious Right and the beliefs of the hate groups. Their songs included "Jesus Was a Communist," a stab at the Christian fundamentalists in the United States, and "New Aryans," an anti-Ronald Reagan/yuppie and also anti-racist anthem. It should be noted that Dave Rubinstein was well aware of the irony and shock value inherent in these images and lyrics; both of his parents were Holocaust survivors.

Musically, the band played hardcore punk, but other songs have more mellow rhythms with slower tempos, including guitar riffs and solos not seen in many other punk bands at the time.

reagan youth
new aryans
are you happy
no class
i hate hate
go nowhere
u s a
in dog we trust


the ghouls-stand alone

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the ghouls are from philly.Formed out of the influence of the spikes and stud street punk movement of the late 90s and early 2000, The Ghouls sound like the bastard son of hardcore punk and horror rock. The band started in the summer of 2001 with Singer Robert Price and after several line-up changes came to include Johnny Apathy on guitar, Zach Volta on Bass, and Eric End on drums. Taking their influences from such classics as the Ramones, The Misfits, and The Clash as well as the bands they grew up watching such as The Unseen, Oxymoron, The Casualties, and Philadelphias own hometown heroes, The Virus. Combining break neck speed with catchy choruses and dark melodic lyrics, The Ghouls are at home creating a circle pit at every show while the projecting their anger, aggression, and cynisism through their sound. Having toured with bands like Abrasive Wheels, The Unseen, Funeral Dress, and Red Alert and shared the stage with such acts as The Misfits, The Casualties, Rancid, The Business, Leftover Crack, and The Virus, The Ghouls keep themselves busy through energetic live shows and a rigorous touring schedule. With a Black Flag Get in the Van mentality of touring, the band tries to keep itself on the road as much as possible. In early 2005 this hard work paid off as Mark Unseen released the bands first 4 song E.P. Its Your Time to Die on his label A.D.D. Records. This release catapulted interest from several other labels and in mid 2006 the ghouls signed to California based SOS Records for their full length. Scheduled for release in November 2006,the 12 song release Stand Alone will see the band on the road headed for the west coast in the fall, and then a full US tour with yet to be announced label mates in the spring, as well as a slot on the world famous (or infamous) British Invasion festival in March. Come see the band destroy a stage near you!

jekyll and hyde
kill doll
servants of the youth
no fear
horror show
suicide club
lose control
carnival of souls


l.e.a.r.n.- first lesson

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this band has a very strong d.i.y. ethic. they remined me of no comment or extortion.
this cd came out in 2006.i think there still around. sorry i cant add more but i cant find any info on this band

1. Fake
2. You Skate, We Feel Hate
3. Spring
4. 8bit Fight
5. Back To Mythologie
6. Just A Phone Call
7. Tough Guy (Beastie Boys)
8. Last Minute Pinups
9. Closet Friends
10. Smartness Is The Only Thing That You Can`t Buy
11. Seeing Red (Minor Threat)


Monday, January 21, 2008

c.i.a. god, guts, guns e.p

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dont know much about this band.there a 80,s hardcore band
good n fast.


who cares
commie control
love and war
no thrills

Thursday, January 17, 2008

mike v and the rats - self titled ep

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this is a band with a professional skateborder in it mike vallely.
the music has some very thencinal things in it. the vocals remined me of some later black flag vocs. not to bad check it out

the stand
the war
never give up
another city

Saturday, December 29, 2007

behind enemy lines

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Behind Enemy Lines (abbreviated BEL) is a Pittsburgh-based band categorized as crust punk[1][2] and Thrash metal [3].

It features Matt Garabedian and Dave Trenga of Aus-Rotten[2] and Bill Chamberlain[2] of The Pist and Caustic Christ. Behind Enemy Lines has released three albums so far.

Behind Enemy Lines, though only enjoying a small fanbase of devoted crust punks, feminists, and anarchists, has been covered by the news for their political commentary.[2]


S.O.B. leave me alone e.p

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S.O.B. are pioneers and precursors of grindcore and thrashcore. The group debuted in 1986 with the single Leave Me Alone. In 1990, S.O.B. found international recognition with their split 7" EP with British band Napalm Death, who are also pioneers of this genre with bands like Terrorizer and mostly Repulsion.

In July of 1989, S.O.B. met Napalm Death during a Japanese tour, and Napalm Death's members Shane Embury and Lee Dorrian played on the record Thrash Night, an EP released by Dorrian's label Rise Above. In the same year, the band held a session for John Peel's Radio program on BBC.

In June of 1995, after the release of Vicious World, Tottsuan, the band's lead vocalist, committed suicide by jumping onto railroad tracks as a train was moving. Soon after, Kevin Sharp of Brutal Truth took Tottsuan's place during live S.O.B. performances, but in 1996, the band announced that Tottsuan had been replaced by Naoto, former bassist of Rise of the Dead.

In 2003, S.O.B. made a comeback with the release of Still Grind Attitude and a series of re-recorded classics with their most current vocalist Itsushi. They still exist today but are only actively known in Japan


Monday, November 12, 2007

choking victim

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The band became hometown (C-squat in the Lower East Side of Manhattan where they squatted) legends for their innovative music and highly political lyrics. At the same time they also became infamous for their Satanic imagery and numerous references to the vagrant lifestyle such as crack-smoking, shoplifting, and squatting. They also, like many other bands in the punk scene, have strong anti-police sentiments in their songs. The band prides itself on its Atheism, often making sarcastic references to Satan, for the sole purpose of being offensive, rather than any sort of actual worship of the deity. In the songs on the album No Gods, No Managers they use several excerpts from the lectures of political scientist Michael Parenti.

Choking Victim broke up after the first day of recording for their first full-length LP, No Gods, No Managers, but the recordings from that one day were enough to make a solid album. After they broke up, (Stza and Ezra Crack) formed the band Leftöver Crack, and Skwert and Ezra formed INDK. Sascha has spent the last several years organically farming in upstate NY. Choking Victim and Leftöver Crack both are anti racist, anti sexist, anti homophobic and anti fascist.

On November 11th, 2000, Choking Victim reunited to play a show in Tompkins Square Park with the lineup from their album. Later, in late 2005, Choking Victim's 3 original members had a reunion and put on 4 live shows. On June 11th 2006, they also played a show at the Lower East Side's Tompkins Square Park, which featured various political speakers such as members of the Mislead Youth Project. At the end of July 2006 they toured the Dominican Republic before Leftöver Crack embarked on their European Tour.

Choking Victim has spawned many different bands after their break-up including Leftöver Crack, Morning Glory, INDK, and the Crack Rock Steady 7.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

mustard plug-yellow#5

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mustard plug is a punk/ska band from grand rapids michigan. they formed in 1991 and are still doin many shows they just had a new cd relese this download is no the new one though. there not the slower kind of ska there alot faster. they sing about real life things.there singer can have an oi sounding kind of vocals sometimes.very good band

1. Not Enough
2. Get It Goin' On
3. Park, The
4. You Want It, We Got It
5. Already Gone
6. Safe
7. Just A Minute
8. No One But Myself
9. Your Secret
10. In Your Face
11. Sorry Now


Monday, September 24, 2007

the germs - m.i.a the complete anthology

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The band began when Paul Beahm and Georg Ruthenberg decided they should start a band after being kicked out of University High for antisocial behaviour, allegedly for using 'mind control' on fellow students. The (initially hypothetical) band was named "Sophistifuck & The Revlon Spam Queens," with Beahm (then 'Bobby Pyn,' and later Darby Crash) on vocals, Ruthenberg (then and later called Pat Smear) on guitar, an early member named "Dinky" on bass, and Michelle Baer playing drums. This lineup never played in front of a live audience.

In April '77 the band added bassist, Lorna Doom, with transitional member "Dottie Danger" on drums, later famous as Belinda Carlisle of The Go-Go's. Carlisle never actually played with the band, due to her being sidelined by a bout of mononucleosis for an extended period, and she was replaced by her friend Donna Rhia, who played three gigs and recorded their first single. Carlisle remained a friend and helper of the band throughout (she can be heard introducing the band on the Live At The Whiskey recording), only leaving because her new band, the Go-Go's was becoming popular, and, as she put it, "I was really disturbed by the heroin that was going on." [1]. Nicky Beat, of various noteworthy LA bands, also sat in on drums for a time.

The band's first live performance was at the Orpheum Theater. Pat Smear recalled,

"We made noise. Darby stuck the mic in a jar of peanut butter. It was a dare, we had no songs or anything! Lorna wore her pants inside out, and Darby covered himself in red licorice...we made noise for five minutes until they threw us off."[2]

The Germs initially drew musical influences from the likes of Iggy Pop, Queen, Suzi Quatro, The Runaways, and New York Dolls. Early on, Smear was the only musically experienced member — Doom survived early performances by sliding a finger up and down the fretboard of her bass while Rhia generally kept a minimal beat on the bass drum, periodically bashing a cymbal.

The Germs presented themselves as more than a band, as a loose and half-ironic cult, with membership signified by a "Germs Burn" -- a characteristic cigarette burn on the left wrist or inner forearm.The end of the band came when Darby replaced Don Bolles with his friend Rob Henley on drums. According to Bolles, this was because Crash was terribly upset after having seen him perform on-stage in a dress, with side project Vox Pop, although Darby never said this himself. In any case, when Smear and Doom found that Henley could not play at all, and with Darby away in England, they began discussing quitting the band.[4]

Shortly after the Germs split, Darby and Pat went on to form the short-lived Darby Crash Band. Circle Jerks drummer, Lucky Lehrer joined the band on the eve of their first (sold-out) live performance, when during soundcheck, Darby kicked out the drummer they'd rehearsed with. The band, described by Smear as "like the Germs, but with worse players", played only a few gigs to lukewarm reaction before splitting up.they played there best ever last show.

Crash committed suicide 7 December 1980, at age 22. Unreported at the time, Beahme had overdosed on heroin in a suicide pact with close friend Casey Cola, who ended up surviving. She insists that he did not intend for her to live, nor did he change his mind at the last minute and intend for himself to live. As he lay dying, he attempted to write "Here lies Darby Crash" on the wall, but did not finish. Outside the world of Germs' fans, news of Darby's death was largely overshadowed by the murder of John Lennon the next day.
1. Forming
2. Sex Boy - (live)
3. Lexicon Devil
4. Circle One
5. No God
6. What We Do Is Secret
7. Communist Eyes
8. Land Of Treason
9. Richie Dagger's Crime
10. Strange Notes
11. American Leather
12. Lexicon Devil
13. Manimal
14. Our Way
15. We Must Bleed
16. Media Blitz
17. Other Newest One, The
18. Let's Pretend
19. Dragon Lady
20. Slave, The
21. Shut Down (Annihilation Man)
22. Caught In My Eye
23. Round And Round
24. My Tunnel
25. Throw It Away
26. Not All Right
27. Now I Hear The Laughter
28. Going Down
29. Lions Share
30. Forming 2


condemed 84- the boots go marching in

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this is a uk oi punk band. there still around today.Formed in the Autumn of 1980 as Criminal Tendencies, after three years the band changed their name to Condemned. The 84 moniker was added a year later, coinciding with the release of their first demo tape. Between 1984-87 over 90 gigs were played mainly in the U.K.c84 sings about real life subjects.

During 1986 various LP's / E.P.'s were released, with the debut mini lp Battle Scarred reaching No 21 in the National Independent Album chart, the follow up Oi! Ain't Dead E.P. reached No 18 in the U.K. Independent singles chart.

The current line up is:

GUNK (BASS), MARK MAGEE (GUITAR), KEV (VOCALS), MARK (DRUMS) & DAMON (GUITAR). i recomend them to all lovers of punk and oi.

# Song Name
1 Boots Go Marching In
2 Up Yours
3 We Will Never Die
4 Kick Down The Doors
5 Follow The Leader
6 Nutter
7 Oi! Ain't Dead
8 Under Her Thumb 2
9 Riot Squad
10 Under Her Thumb 1
11 Lies
12 Jimmy Davey
13 Teenage Slag


Sunday, August 26, 2007

witch hunt- this is only the beggining

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this is a crust band ith 2 boys and 2 girls. ive seen them live they are from philly. they have a few cd's out their newest being blood red states they sing alot about diversity and femminism.
1Sick Game
2.Mindless Identity
3. Sugarcoated, Yet It Festers Inside
4.By A Thread
5. As Priorities Decay
6.Life In A Box
7. I Am Guilty
8.Legislative Bodies Legislating Bodies
9.Access Denied
10.On My Honor
11. A War On Reality
13.Sugarcoated, Yet It Festers Inside (Demo)
14.I Am Guilty (Demo)
15.Life In A Box (Demo)
16.Detest (Demo)
17.Conform (Radio Performance)
18.Fed Up
19.On My Honor
20.a War On Reality
21.Take A Stand
22.Shroud Of Silence
24. Once Upon A Time...


white pigs -ep

the WHITE PIGS are a hardcore punk band pretty good definitly worth your time: S/T 8 Trax EP (Swinch Kwilsen Records) 1984 Connecticut. They later put out another 7` called "Evil Stalks The Innocent" and a super seven series EP on Mystic. Later they went in the death metal/punk direction and did a LP on Combat. The bassist later played in Free Love Society, The dispossessed, Sanity Assassins and nowadays Blastmat.
new life
pigs theme
early grave
kill kop

re upped download

vice squad- no cause for concern

vice squad is a u.k punk band. they stall have show and are still jammin. they have female vocals and that makes them pretty unique. Vice Squad came togther in Bristol in 1979, forming like a phoenix out of the ashes of two local bands, The Contingent and TV Brakes. The four-piece group comprised Beki Bondage on vocals (real name Rebecca Louise Bond), Dave Bateman on guitar, Mark Hambly on bass and Shane Baldwin on drums. Their music alternated between straight-ahead aggressive rock and power-pop, although they were perhaps more known for their tough punk image.
Under their new lineup, the band completed their successful Social Chaos tour of Europe and the USA in 1999, as well as additional tours of Europe and the States (including Canada, playing in my hometown of Montreal and also in Toronto) in 2000. The new Vice Squad has released several new CD's since getting back together: the aptly titled Resurrection, which features new recordings of old favorites along with some brand new offerings; Get a Life; Lavender Hill Mob; and their most recent offering, Lo-Fi Life (which includes new versions of Last Rockers and Stand Proud, Stand Stro

1. Young Blood
2. Coward
3. Nothing
4. Summer Fashion
5. 1981
6. Saturday Night Special
7. Offering
8. Times They Are A Changin', The
9. Evil
10. Angry Youth
11. It's Sell Out
12. Still Dying
13. Last Rockers
14. So What For The 80's
15. Sterile
16. Last Rockers - (Single Version)
17. Living On Dreams
18. Latex Love
19. Resurrection
20. Young Blood
21. Humane - (Single Version)


verbal abuse-just an american band

Verbal Abuse was started in Houston, Texas in 1981 after singer and song writer Nicki Sicki quit the band Sick Pleasure and moved to Virginia, then back to Texas when he decided he wanted to start another band.

At the time, not many bands were playing fast hardcore in Texas and, like D.R.I. and M.D.C. before them, Verbal Abuse relocated to San Francisco in the end of 1981.

In San Francisco, Verbal Abuse lived at the infamous Vats along with members of The Dicks and M.D.C. as well as Harley Flanagan from the Cro-Mags. By the end of the year, they had signed with Fowl Records and recorded their first LP, Just an American Band which was released in the beginning of 1983.

The band then embarked on a tour to promote their first album but Brett soon left Verbal Abuse to join the army so Nicki asked former Sick Pleasure bandmate Dave "Koko" Chavez to take his place.

However, hardcore was starting to fade away and crossover thrash was the big thing in the mid '80's so Nicki quit the band in 1984. Since Joie, Dave and Gregg wanted to continue making music, They asked Condemned to Death singer Scotty Wilkins to sing.

1986 they recorded their second album, V.A. Rocks Your Liver, which was released on Boner Records.

The band continued to tour but Joie eventually left to join another band in 1987, being replaced by Andy Schuman. Gregg also left for family reasons a bit later, being replaced by former Condemned to Death drummer Mike Chubka who left in 1987 .

In 1989 Chris Kontos joined up after Gregg James was unable to make the European tour. Verbal Abuse was asked to take M.D.C. place because they were unable to make the trip. Off they went for 38 shows in 42 days with Destiny booking. At the end of that tour Destiny asked if they would record a "Live Recording". Out of that came "Passport- Verbal Abuse of America" released on Destiny records.

1990 saw Destiny bringing VA back to Europe to tour off the Live recording.

They recorded another album entitled Red, White and Violent and released in 1995 on Century Media Records. They toured for this record and split about a year later as Scotty joined Electric Frankenstein.

Joie Mastrokalos resurfaced playing guitar for his good friend Duff McKagan's band in 1993 and 1994. He contributed on Duff's solo album Believe in Me and the following solo tours that ensued.

In 1996, the band got a lot of recognition and newfound interest when thrash metal legends Slayer covered five of their songs on their Undisputed Attitude record. The songs covered are Disintegration, Free Money, Verbal Abuse, Leeches and I Hate You.

Nicki having been released from prison and money from the Slayer album royalties brought the band back together in the 21st century, now with Nicki back on Vocals, Andy on guitar, Dave on bass as well as new members Jess Aaron on second guitar and Geza Szent-Galy on drums. The band's first LP was re-released on CD with many extra tracks in 2002.


subhumans- the day the country died

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The Subhumans are an anarcho-punk band formed in the Trowbridge & Melksham area of Wiltshire, UK in 1980. Dick Lucas joined later in the year, having formerly been in local band The Mental. Other members had been in the Stupid Humans.

The band released a demo in 1981 which was heard by members of the band Flux of Pink Indians after being sent to them by Graham Burnett of New Crimes fanzine, who were so impressed that they offered the Subhumans a chance to put out a record on their newly formed Spiderleg label. Shortly afterwards the Subhumans began to release material on their own Bluurg Records label. After the Subhumans split up Lucas formed the bands Culture Shock and Citizen Fish. The Subhumans occasionally reform for live performances, including at least two major tours of North America in the 21st Century, (Live in a Dive is a product of the first) and they continue to command a strong following. Subhumans are known for their thought provoking lyrics.

In 1987, the Subhumans broke up, but reformed in 1998 and embarked on a US Tour. They returned and toured the US and Canada in both 2005 & 2006.

The Subhumans have recorded a new album, Internal Riot, and are self-releasing it on Bluurg Records in September 2007. They have been touring Europe throughout 2007 and have a month-long US tour lined up beginning 24 August 2007.

1. "All Gone Dead" – 1:53
2. "Ashtray Dirt" – 1:22
3. "Killing" – 1:49
4. "Minority" – 1:17
5. "Mickey Mouse Is Dead" – 2:44
6. "Nothing I Can Do" – 2:30
7. "Dying World" – 2:57
8. "Subvert City" – 4:14
9. "Big Brother" – 1:55
10. "New Age" – 1:49
11. "I Don’t Wanna Die" – 1:29
12. "No" – 1:49
13. "Zyklon-B-Movie" – 2:12
14. "’Til The Pigs Come Round" – 2:01
15. "No More Gigs" – 2:53
16. "Black And White" – 3:36


minor threat- complete discography

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Minor Threat was an American hardcore punk band that formed in Washington DC in 1980 and disbanded in 1983. While Minor Threat was short-lived, it had a strong influence on the hardcore punk music scene in the United States. Minor Threat's song "Straight Edge" was the basis for the straight edge movement, though the band has had no involvement with the movement itself.[1] Critics have called Minor Threat's music "iconic,"[2] and have noted that their "groundbreaking" music "has held up better than [that of] most of their contemporaries."[3]

Along with the fellow Washington DC hardcore band Bad Brains, Minor Threat set the standard for many hardcore punk bands in the 1980s and 1990s. They produced short, often astonishingly fast songs, eventually with high production quality, which at the time was lacking in most punk and alternative rock. All of Minor Threat's records were released on the band's own Dischord Records label.

inclueds all minor threat songs.

includes all minor threat songs

jello biafra- 3 cds

Free Image Hosting at
these cd,s are very good some of the stuff jello says is funny some is very serious it makes u think. its ver good i recomend u download it alot.
(born June 17, 1958) is more widely known by the stage name Jello Biafra. He first gained attention as the lead singer and songwriter for San Francisco punk rock band Dead Kennedys. After his time with the band concluded, he became more directly involved with political activism and took over the influential independent record label Alternative Tentacles, founded in 1979 by him and East Bay Ray. Although now primarily focused on spoken word art, he has continued as a musician in numerous collaborations.

Politically, he is a member of the Green Party[1] and actively supports progressive political causes. He is a self-proclaimed anarchist[1] who advocates civil disobedience, direct action, culture jamming and pranksterism in the name of political change. Biafra is known to use absurdist media tactics in the tradition of the Yippies to highlight issues of civil rights, social justice, anti-corporatism, peace movements, anti-consumerism, environmentalism, anti-globalization, universal health care, LGBT rights, anti-capitalism, reproductive rights, feminism, and the separation of church and state.

His stage name is a combination of the brand name Jell-O and the name of the short lived country of Biafra which attempted to secede from Nigeria in 1966. After four years of fighting and horrific starvation in Biafra, Nigeria regained control of the nascent Biafran state. Jello Biafra created his name as an ironic combination of a nutritionally poor mass-produced food product and mass starvation. He said he likes how two ideas clash in people's minds.

i blow minds for a living
high preist of harmful matter
no more cocoon's



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